We provide free legal representation to individuals seeking asylum—a form of immigration relief that can lead to citizenship for people fleeing persecution in their home country.

Under normal circumstances, asylum applications must be filed within one year of entering the U.S.

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Are you eligible to apply for asylum?

You may be eligible for asylum if any of the following statements apply to you. Talk with an immigration attorney to find out for sure.

  • I am afraid to return to my home country.
  • There are people in my home country that want to harm me specifically.
  • I cannot safely relocate to another part of my country.
  • The harm I have experienced or my fear of harm was caused by a government group or the government will not do anything to protect me from this harm.


Mayra* grew up in a household with domestic violence in Mexico, and she yearned to find a safe and loving home. When a neighbor boy started courting her at age 11, she was flattered. At the age of 16, she married him and they had a child together. Mayra’s husband started out as controlling. Over the years he became increasingly physically abusive, but Mayra was terrified to leave.

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Linda is currently being detained in the Cibola County Correctional Facility in Milan, NM, where NMILC attorney Rebekah Wolf is her attorney. Rebekah met Linda at NMILC’s weekly legal orientation program at Cibola, where NMILC staff and volunteers assist asylum seekers from around the world with understanding the complicated U.S. asylum process.

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