"Stop Deportations Now!"

Community Rapid Response Project

What is the Community Rapid Response Project and why is it needed? 

The Community Rapid Response Project is a community-led effort to increase access to attorneys for the immigrant community as a result of increased immigration enforcement. Since 2017, ICE has arrested immigrants in our communities across New Mexico, including Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Las Cruces, and Roswell.


ICE has targeted not only workers, but businesses as well. In 2018, ICE audited 131 businesses in New Mexico. This has caused fear and uncertainty, leading to employees who are arrested and patrons scared of leaving their homes. Allies, such as schools, businesses, and churches, are standing up to support a Community-wide Rapid Response Project so that immigrants can get access to an attorney 24/7 and understand their rights in an emergency situation!

What is the New Mexico Immigrant Law Center (NMILC)?

NMILC is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization primarily based in Albuquerque with a satellite office in Santa Fe and represents individuals all across New Mexico. NMILC started in 2010 and provides free legal services to low-income immigrants in New Mexico. Its staff represents immigrants in deportation and bond proceedings before the Immigration Court, in humanitarian forms of relief for survivors of crime and human trafficking, as well as asylum. NMILC partners with community-based organizations, advocacy groups, and businesses to increase the knowledge of immigrant rights and to advocate for changes that advance equity and justice for everyone, regardless of immigration status.

How can we support this Community Rapid Response Project? 

NMILC is hosting a pilot project to start a 24/7 Rapid Response Hotline and needs your help to fund it! NMILC aims to dedicate a staff of 3 attorneys to answer the line whenever a community member in New Mexico calls. NMILC is seeking 40 founding businesses to contribute to this effort. If you are an interested business or community partner, please donate below or contact Adriel Orozco at (505) 209-3533 to talk about how you can help this effort!

Who can call the Rapid Response Hotline? 

Anyone living in New Mexico can call the line. If the attorney determines that the situation isn’t an emergency, the caller will be referred to our already existing resources.

Does NMILC offer additional services for business owners and their workers? 

Yes. Business owners can best protect themselves by having strong I-9 procedures, which is a legally required process to ensure that workers have work authorization, to protect themselves and their workers. If you are a business owner, NMILC’s staff can provide you a consultation to review your I-9 process, create a workplace plan in case of an ICE audit, and provide a training to workers about their rights. You can call NMILC at (505) 247-1023 if you’re interested.