Preventative Law

We have discovered that many of our clients who face deportation would have been on a path to citizenship if they had proper legal information when they were children. As a result, we developed a preventative legal model partnering with schools and organizations that work with immigrant children and their families.

Holistic Services

While gaining an immigration status and becoming a citizen remove critical economic and social barriers for immigrant families, we know these are not the only issues affecting our clients. We work with strategic community partners on collaborative efforts to provide bundled services in tandem that address other barriers to increasing earning and asset development in immigrant families.

Community Lawyering

Building community power through collective action is the most effective way for communities to work towards lasting social change. By framing our services around the goals of our clients and working with community organizing and advocacy groups in support of their efforts, we can build stronger communities.


We served 1,614 people in 2017 ... and we're just getting started.


Integrated Services

An intersectional approach of direct legal services, policy, education, and advocacy is needed to achieve our vision

Strategic Partnerships

Given our limited resources, strategic partnerships are necessary to increase civic engagement of the individuals that we serve and to achieve broader social change

Uplifting Voices

Structural barriers limit access to the legal profession by immigrants and people of color; we need to centralize and uplift the voices of immigrants in the legal profession

Working With Our Community

Given the great need for our services, we must leverage the work of volunteers and pro bono attorneys in order to be effective

We believe we can achieve more


We are a hardworking group of attorneys, legal professionals, and activists committed to advancing justice in New Mexico.