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NMILC is New Mexico’s only provider of legal assistance to low-income immigrant families facing separation due to deportation, asylum seekers, and unaccompanied minors. Legal risks for them remain high, and – unlike citizens – they have no right to free counsel. Immigrants do face fewer social and political obstacles in New Mexico than they do elsewhere, such as the neighboring state of Arizona. By long tradition, immigrants from Mexico would travel back and forth between home towns south of the border and jobs in New Mexico. But that practice has become virtually impossible in today’s federal enforcement climate. At the same time, a seemingly unstoppable wave of violence in Mexico is driving more families to seek refuge in the United States, with New Mexico the refuge of choice for many. These trends make the work of NMILC vitally important. Learn more »


NMILC es la única organización en Nuevo México que provee servicios legales dedicados a las familias inmigrantes de bajos recursos que están a riesgo de ser separadas por la deportación. También somos la única organización que provee asistencia legal para personas intentando de conseguir asilo y menores de edad no acompañados por un padre. NMILC ayuda a familias encontrar estabilidad y aumentar sus oportunidades para obtener la seguridad económica, abriendo las puertas para que los inmigrantes en Nuevo México puedan contribuir a sus comunidades para las futuras generaciones.

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Democracy Now! in Artesia

August 8, 2014
Five years ago immigration advocates praised the Obama administration for closing down the only large-scale detention center for immigrant women and children. Now, in response to the surge of Central American migrants caught at the border after seeking asylum, it has quietly two new family detention facilities that have more than 1,200 beds, and cribs.

While unaccompanied migrant children have largely been placed with family members already in the country, those who were stopped Read more »

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Ticket to Nowhere: Shady consultants lure immigrants with a dream that can’t be bought

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Advocacy Groups Sue U.S. Government

Originally Posted August 22, 2014 by the American Immigration Council here. Groups Sue U.S. Government Over Life-Threatening Deportation Process against Mothers and Children in Artesia Detention Center Washington D.C. — The American Immigration Council, American Civil Liberties Union National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild, and National Immigration Law Center today sued the... more