We envision a vibrant New Mexico where all people—regardless of immigration status—can achieve their full potential and are treated with dignity and respect.


The current administration’s immigration policies—building a wall, deporting millions, and closing doors to those in need of protection, to name a few—are fundamentally at odds with the values of a nation in which all people have the opportunity to live in safety with the ones they love.

Now more than ever, we need your support in order to make our vision a reality.
Join us in our fight for justice for ALL New Mexicans.



NMILC is a social justice organization, connecting with strategic community partners to ensure our clients receive holistic support. Learn about our collaborative model.

We rely on people like you to make sure all New Mexicans have access to the justice they deserve.

  • $20 allows us to see if one child is eligible for a work permit or a permanent path
  • $100 enables one student to stay in the U.S. legally for 2 years
  • $500 funds one pro se workshop, where we can assist numerous people in filling out applications for work permits, DACA or citizenship
  • $750 enables a victim of domestic violence to get on a path to become a lawful permanent resident
  • $1000 prevents one child from being deported, and makes them eligible to become a lawful permanent resident

Your donation can be the difference between a deportation and a family that is able to stay together.



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Beating the Odds in an Asylum-Free Zone

Beating the Odds in an Asylum-Free Zone

This fall, NMILC beat the odds and won asylum for a domestic violence survivor fighting against deportation in the notoriously difficult El Paso, Texas immigration court. Mayra* grew up in a household with domestic violence in Mexico, and she yearned to find a safe and loving home. When a neighbor boy... more

DACA Updates

DACA Updates

October 31, 2017: Trump announces he will meet with Republican leaders to discuss possible DACA fixes.  October 15, 2017: Trump states that he will extend DACA protection beyond the March 5th deadline, if Congress is not able to legalize DACA. October 8, 2017: White House sends Congress a list of hard-line immigration... more

Stories from Cibola

Stories from Cibola

If you drive about 90 miles from Albuquerque into the tiny town of Milan, NM, you'll come across a large complex surrounded by tall gates and barbed wire--the Cibola County Detention Center. Not long ago, Cibola was a private prison run by the infamous Corrections Corporations of America, or CCA,... more